Bass, writing … recording

It’s official, we decided to become a three piece.  I spent weeks learning the tunes on bass before yet another show at the Currumbin Creek Tavern with Lotus Ship, Veal and Redstarborn, but alas, I was not up to my own personal standard, that’s not to say it wasn’t a good show, just not up to my personal standard and I needed to do better for my own sanity.  Lets move onto the CAOS festival the following Saturday which was an all ages day show focusing on youth culture.

Yeah boi, I played near perfect, though it was like … the kids didn’t care about any of the bands and the sound was shit house (outside, no stage, less than average house gear).  Well, ahem, the point was to play another show, especially on bass.  Later that night we played at the Benowa Tavern which is an up and coming venue that I think will become a power player in the next couple of months, plus their food is pretty good.


We played along side Charlie StewartMe Minus You and Upon The Pyre, not only was there a much better crowd (thanks peeps) but also I enjoyed playing, teasing Jay (cause that’s always fun), not stuffing up and getting some of my stage presence back.  That was the decider for us, we were like so … three piece then????  Yep, that’s what we’re doing, UvU is now a 3P band!

That seems like the perfect time to take a break right? Figure out all yo shit then stop booking gig bwahahahahaha!  Well here it is, we’re not taking a break, just shifting our focus onto writing and recording.  I have all the tracking done for Bow Down (a family favorite) but haven’t found the time to actually mix the fuckin’ thing since I’ve been dealing with L2Play bass (and work of course), plus we want to write, so badly.


So to summarise, we’re a three piece that’s concentrating on writing and releasing our first single, don’t expect to hear much from us until about mid May, peace!