MouthZoff Magazine Feature Artist

UverseU is the feature artist in the MouthZoff digital magazine by PowerMouth Entertainment (issue 15), these guys provide advertising, awareness, exposure & support for local musicians, businesses & services, all for Free!

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UverseU Ben-KnightlyPhotography by Ben Knightly 


When approaching the sometimes difficult task of creating exciting original music we all tend to put on the bull horns, lock the door, hit the record button and duke it out.  

From day-one we have recorded every single thing we’ve done into Pro-Tools.  Once we feel we’ve created music of ‘substance’ we’ll often stop, listen back to what we’ve done, review and then continue with the strengths of a new song.  

Everyone in our band is a songwriter – So once material is brought to the table it’s basically a free for all whereby we all carve out our own niche in the music.

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