Our New (Kickarse) PA

So I reckon that we’ve got bragging rights with this one but before I get into that we finally blew our shitty PA speaker (we only had one /sadface).  We’re a self funded band and things cost money so we only buy what we need, this though means time for a new PA.  I scouted the second hand market reluctantly for something that would do the job but it’s like, do I really wanna buy something that might have been trashed over the years blah, blah, blah? The short answer is no.

So off to the music shops we go.  My first gear audition was actually what I ended up buying, don’t you just love it when shit lines up like that?  Anyway, onto the gear porn, we are now the proud owners of two Yamaha DBR10’s tops and a single DXS15 subwoofer.

I’ll start with the overall idea here, yes, I am a fan of powered loudspeakers, this shit will just work with that other shit, you don’t have to worry about matching amps, crossovers and so on, but all that comes at potential overheating issues, haha, not with these guys !!! AND THE POWER !!! in this room, more than overkill, 700W on the tops and 950W in the sub, that’s loud!  I’d say we could run sound for 100 crowd venues if needed now, possibly more.

Honestly, I was concerned about buying just 10 inch drivers for the tops but the range on these guys is surprising large and clear though I wouldn’t run them without a sub cause the low end does get lost.  Yammy added a bass boost that does help but that’s pretty useless in this rig.  They can be doubled up as monitor wedges if we upgrade to something larger in the future and they have an inbuilt two channel mixer for those vocal only type situations.  The crossover at 120Hz, 100Hz or none.  I legit tried to engage the on board limiter but couldn’t even when sporting noise cancelling headphone for fear of damaging my hearing.

And the sub, oh emm gee … like the tops you can set the crossover to 120Hz, 100Hz but also 80Hz.  There’s also some low frequency boosts to choose from which in my opinion made the woofer sound either more punchy or resonating depending on the settings which I think is pretty cool depending on your kick drum/bass guitar scenario.  When level testing I set it up to unity, so 50% on the dial (but this one goes up to 11, haha Simpsons), after much stuffing around we settled for about 15%, and yep,  our bass player was like, there’s too much bass.  When have you ever heard a bassist say that before?

I’ll leave you to suss your own tech specs research but in short, for just over a 2K investment (AUS) that I don’t see having to worry about for at least 10 years I am very happy with it all, Here’s a Yamaha YouTube clip that deconstructs the tops if you’re interesting in that sort of thing.