This Is The Truth (single drop)

We are extensively proud to announce our first real single ‘This is the truth’ has been released! This is the truth is an encouragement to see past lies, to not accept bullshit and to reevaluate the way we look at the world. It only takes one to start a revolution!

I can’t understand the things you’ve done so wrong
I can’t comprehend who the you **** you have become
Can you see your darkness always leads to blood
Is your reality always so jaded?
Your perception of what has passed
Is not the same of what had passed
You twist it and fake it to suit your **** needs
You’ll take it and make it until you feed your greed

This is the truth
This is the line
This is how …
it was defined
This is how …
You crossed the line

Do you think before you speak, do you hear your shits weak
Just take a step back and see how it’s wack
Defy all the lies no never need to compromise
Are you right in your head? Or should we believe what you said
Twist everything to suit yourself
Is your reality so tainted?
Either way **** there is a problem now
Cause I can’t trust a thing you say anymore


Everything that comes from your mouth is such a lie
How can I take you at your word when you deceive
You forfeit your rights when you over-reached, you lost your mind
fraudulence entwined from an articulated **** design

Written, recorded and produced by UverseU
Mixed by Jay Ingold and Verse Davies
Mastered By Cody Jones